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Our sacred purpose

The purpose of St. Laurence parish is to be a home where everyone knows the loving embrace of God their Father. We use our cultural diversity and our faith in God’s providence to motivate and form each other to be missionary disciples sent by the Holy Spirit to love and serve one another.

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our Vision Statement

Led by the Holy Spirit and united by the Eucharist we will welcome, respect, and value our multi-cultural heritage.

As Catholic Christians we will provide a home where all feel worthy to be loved, served, and cherished.

We will reflect Christ in our community, and as Missionary Disciples invite all to encounter Jesus in prayer, in works of mercy and in worship.

Envisioning team bios

Click the button to learn about our envisioning team members

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Priority Plan

Please review the following document which contains the 3 priorities and their goals that, as a team, we have conceived for our parish:

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